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Dangerbeats by Robin Foster

Creativity & Pro-Activity

Queen Bee Music Publishing is an independent Music Publishing company, established by people like you, people who love music. Queen Bee provides its clients with the highest- quality audio content perfectly suited for your advertising or production needs (ads, film, TV, video, in-store retail concepts).

It all started with a man and his guitar… Robin Foster, the English musician-composer self-exiled to France, has experienced publishing success working with top-end brands such as Hugo Boss, HBO, Barclays and Kenneth Cole. It was a natural step for Robin Foster to team up with two marketing and back-office experts, Barbara Smith and Charlie Felgate, to be closer to the end customer and to give budding artists a chance to break-through.

As a small outfit, we have the advantage of being totally flexible, paying careful attention to what’s important for you, and finding that piece of music that suits your needs perfectly.
Our secondary goal is to offer emerging artists the opportunity to propose their talents through our network of industry professionals. Our intention will be to provide a truly independent platform for ground-breaking songwriters and composers.

We also offer in-house track recording and production services, session musicians of the highest quality and art direction in a one stop environment.



Barbara Smith

What’s your role at Queen Bee?
Creative consultancy and International Business Relations and development, I ensure a good working relationship between the artist, publisher, musical supervisors and creative agencies.

5 favourite songs of all time?
The Bends (Radiohead)
Running up that hill (Kate Bush)
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
Coconut (Harry Nilsson)
Woke up that morning (Alabama 3)

Favourite film score?
Reservoir Dogs

First record bought?
Appetite for destruction (Guns ‘N’ Roses)

Last record bought?
Heaven (The Walkmen)


Robin Foster

What’s your role at Queen Bee?
I originally came into Queen Bee to publish myself after working on some scores and syncs, now my role is more of a musical director and in-house composer. I’m also actively on the lookout for new talent that we can add to our catalogue.

5 favourite songs of all time?
The Rainbow (Talk talk)
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (The Smiths)
Don’t (Elvis)
Beetlebum (Blur)
Go With The Flow (QOTSA)

Favourite film score?
For A Few Dollars More

First record bought?
The Return Of The Jedi soundtrack…on cassette!

Last record bought?
Blues Funeral (Mark Lanegan)

Robin Foster photography by Christian Geisselmann.