Queen Bee Music Publishing

Dangerbeats by Robin Foster


Gødrønbørd lives under a threat.

The tale says that it all began in March 2011. Rotor Jambreks had decided to take a break after four years of extensive touring in France and in Canada. He had experienced publishing success with tracks used on CBS (Numb3rs) and in the trailer for the movie Paul. That was fun. But he was tired. He needed peace.

The tale says that while on a trip in Norway, on the shores of the Aurlandsfjord, near Flåm (check Google Maps), Odin appeared to him. The Norse god of war, death and poetry ordered him to take the name « Gødrønbørd » – which makes little sense, but you can’t say that to a god.

Odin told him that he wanted him to use heavy beats, pounding bass and overly distorted guitars to break the necks and knees of his contemporaries. And that if he failed, his neck and knees would be broken by Odin himself.

That’s quite a threat.