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Dangerbeats by Robin Foster

Robin Foster

Robin Foster is a British composer working in Brittany, France.

A current flows through Robin Foster’s tracks, a mesmerising quality conjuring up images of passing landscapes, fast-paced city nights and smoky colours. Hypnotic and hugely appealing, Foster’s intensely brooding instrumentals bring an intangible but undeniable tension, packed with lush cinematic textures, electronic loops, airy synths and all driven by waves of guitars.
Robin Foster’s music has provided the soundtracks to US shows such as One Tree Hill, HBO Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Criminal Minds, and global brand names including Hugo Boss, Sundek, Barclays, Septwolves and Kenneth Cole New York.

Robin also scored the soundtrack to the film Metro Manila, one of the highlights of the 2013 Sundance Film festival.