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Metro Manila


« …one of the best films of the festival, poetic, authentic and damn near perfect. »



Film score by Robin Foster.

Oscar and BAFTA nominated British film maker Sean Ellis co-wrote Metro Manila with Frank E. Flowers. Metro Manila gets its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival in the World Dramatic Competition.

The film stars actors Jake Macapagal, Althea Vega, John Arcilla (The Bourne Legacy).

Producers are Sean Ellis and Mathilde Charpentier through Chocolate Frog Films.

The Phillippines-set film tells the story of Oscar Ramirez and his family, seeking a better life, decide to move from the poverty stricken rice fields of the Northern Philippine mountain ranges and journey towards the capital mega city of Metro Manila. Upon arriving in the big city, it isn’t long before they fall foul to various city inhabitants whose manipulative ways are a daily part of city survival. Oscar lands a job as a driver for an armored truck company and is befriended by Ong, his senior officer. It soon becomes apparent that Ong has been waiting for the arrival of someone just like Oscar for some time. A few simple acts of kindness from Ong place Oscar in his debt; a debt that leads to blackmail as Ong forces Oscar to help him in a robbery of the company they both work for.

Metro Manila will be released in France, May 2013.